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The prevailing point of view considered chemical composition of water to be of importance. Well, then, the news of sensation is that all that is nonsense! Structure of water is much more important than its chemical composition" .

Rustum Roy, Professor of University of Pennsylvania

As far back as Democritus times the scholars considered water to be one of the basis of the world. The modern science proved water occupies the bigger part of a human being`s body. All other components of a cell- proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minor constituents and many others components of a living body are dissolved or are in undissolved state in water. Water creates matrix of life, because hydrions and electrons move on its hydrogen bindings, thus providing metabolic conversion. Water is the unique substance, which is out of common laws of physics and chemistry, due to this it creates the most common universal system of regulation of all living processes. Life originates from water, life is regulated by water, water cures, rejuvenates but it is the water also which causes main diseases, ageing and death of cells and organisms.

From 1955 to 1987 the Soviet science paid a great attention to research melt-water and significant results were obtained on influence of melt-water on human body, there were developed methods of treatment and prevention of some diseases by melt-water, etc.

The researches were stopped when the Soviet science collapsed. Since 2000, however, they began to pay a serious attention to subjects connected with structuring of water as the new qualitative property of drinking water.

Talking to leading specialists of FSUE (federal state unitary enterprise), involved in the field of water conditioning, I have acquainted with the experiment results which was carried out in Moscow, researches of water influence on living cells of an organism. Purpose of the project was to find the best water amongst famous producers of bottled water out of Russian producers and possibility to send this water to circumterrestrial orbit of space. It is known that energy consumption to lift 1 gram of water into the space are comparable with the cost of 1 gram of diamonds on the earth. Slogan of the said action was as follows: "The cosmonauts working in extreme conditions of the space shall be provided with the best water".

The decision was taken to carry out the experiment with the use of express-system to analyze cells by "Cyto-expert" device, certificate N POCC RU.0001.11ME67. In the capacity of the measured parameters were chosen not physical parameters and water properties but parameters of influence of water on human body:

1) Vibrational amplitude of erythrocytes of peripheral blood of human body in water samples;
2) Bioelectrical activity of cells of buccal epithelium of buccal cavity of a man in water samples out of 10 different grades and producers, the most suitable on chemical composition and water treatment method;
3) Vibrational amplitude of cell nucleus of buccal epithelium in water samples;
4) Vibrational amplitude of cell membrane of buccal epithelium in water samples;
5) Vibrational amplitude of a cell itself of buccal epithelium in water samples.

The researches results shocked the specialists who carried out the researches. It emerged that out of 10 different samples of water only one sample did not caused stress of organism living cell of buccal epithelium of buccal cavity - "baptismal water".

State of any cell in the norm is characterized by stable membrane vibration with certain amplitude of them. Nucleus in a cell in normal state is always stable. When 10 persons from volunteers drank Russian producers water and in 30 minutes the buccal epithelium samples were taken from the buccal cavity, then the measurement results showed that living cell of buccal epithelium for within 1,5-2 hours was in a stress state. The cell nucleus enormously pulsed and the cell membrane which is a biological two-layer filter of a cell was motionless and at that is was closed. It did not let in the food stuff and water, containing everything what is necessary for normal growth and at that from 1,5 to 2 hours did not discharged decay products of the cell vital functions - slags. Under such conditions a cell mutates and experiences a serious stress. The cell nucleus by its pulsing vibrations structures water which is nearby it. Living cell of buccal epithelium for 1,5-2 hours switches on defense-mechanism providing it further normal biological state spending all its potential for that.

Penetration of Cholesterol through the cell membrane.

Only several samples of water did not caused stress state of a cell, this was baptismal water and samples of water manually lifted from bottom of wells, without use of electrical pumps and engines.

Any bottling of water with use of automatic lines on pouring into containers breaks stability of micro-cluster structure of water, if it existed.

When talking to FSUE "Centre of Keldysh" I have finally realized importance of this saying. It develops that each cell of organism having DNA and which is in a state of liquid crystal is a kind of a aerial to receive signals of clearly artificial nature, which is significantly different from acoustic radiation of DNA.

Consideration of genetic organization as space wave aerials is well tuned with ideas of Jos? Arg?elles concerning genetic code genetic code. He considers, that the latter describes part of the total picture of life only and addition to it is the light- radiant energy.

This resonant radiant infrastructure- luminance body - comes into radiation band which is controlled by code of Tzolkin, harmonic module of Maya. Tracing "the source" of radiant energy, Arg?elles comes to conclusion that it is our galactic nucleus. Spiral flows of pulsations which he studies, rotate in direct onward and backward directions and represent a code controlling self-transmissible and self-converting properties of radiant energy. Galactic code described by harmonic module of Maya is the primary source impregnating DNA code and filling it with life.

At that it is important to understand that energy-information exchange of a human body is able to be carried out when frequencies of energy emission and information concur with frequencies of intracellular fluid, drinking water and structure of vicinity (space).

To make concept of frequencies concurrency of energy-information exchange more illustrative, let us, as an example, consider a tuning-fork. It is possible, that when at school you happened to strike a tuning-fork with special hammer and ask yourself how it works. This is the brief explanation. Let us suppose, we have three tuning-forks. The first and the second are of frequency of 440 Hz, and the third with frequency of 442 Hz. That is to say, the first two tuning-forks are designed to vibrate with frequency of 440 times per second and the third - with frequency of 442 times per second.

If one strikes the first hammer, then the second one will immediately sound as well which is of the same frequency, whereas the third will not sound. The second tuning-fork resonates with vibration of the first one and the third- no. (See the photo)

As already stated, the first two tuning-forks have frequency of 440 Hz. This means that during the strike they emit sound la in C-major or la over middle C and in turn, will respond to it, but not to sounds C, D, E, F, G and B.

This explanation shall make you to think that frequencies concurrency of energy-information exchange represents energy. Two things of the same vibration frequency will resonate with each other. Hence it is easy to understand that we generate our own energy-information exchange and everything having the energy-information exchange similar to ours will resonate with us and vice versa.

Everything what exists - elementary particles forming atom, atoms forming molecules, molecules forming substances, etc. - have inherited vibration of a certain frequency.

Our body and mentality react on it depending on vibration of which frequency we resonate with. In human relations they also often mention of being on the same length of wave with somebody. This is also connected with vibration and resonance.

In Moscow Academy of Medical Sciences by theoretic way they calculated capability of human being heart for full metabolic conversion in the body with its arterial, venous, capillaceous blood circulatory system. Calculations of blood flow pressure created by heart must be 1000 time higher in comparison with that generated by special muscle of our body- heart, say nothing of the fact that circulatory system of our vessels has the volume of approximately 7,2 liters and they are filled by 30% less, approximately 5,1 liters.

Laws of hydraulics in closed-circuit systems cannot explain the said phenomenon. The point is that this special muscle directs blood circulation and regulates pressure in the system. Blood cells obtain energy (vibrations) from outside, from cosmic space surrounding us.

Trees, plants, many dwellers of seas and oceans have not got hearts at all, but at that in their organisms there circulate the metabolic processes of their vital functions, at that some trees grow of up to 100 meters in height.

Imagine that the Sun is a sphere with heated plasma in which mass of colliding electrons creates all along the sphere of the Sun the gigantic photonic flashes. And since the photons on all the surface form one gigantic photon, then it synchronously and simultaneously is emitted into surrounding etheric space and into the space of the Sun body itself.

Similar picture is seen when stirring the water surface by circular item, for instance, round disk. In the very centre of the disk the wave at that will convert into impulse which will again return to circumference.

Photonic wave on the Sun coming towards the interior, experiences the same changes, but they will be carried out with the velocity of photons movement in a medium, i.e. nearly with the velocity of light. And since the Sun radius length is of approximately 300 000 kilometers, then the wave from the Sun surface will come to its centre and will come back for approximately one second. The Sun, therefore, does not just lights but emits modulated powerful photonic vibrations with frequency of cardiac performance of people and animals.

The Sun, in point of fact, is the large heart of astronomic size which stirs up the surrounding etheric space on frequency law of photon, making living objects hearts to beat.

Etheric space, therefore, is deformed under the spherical law and expands like electromagnetic wave with the velocity of light. The Sun modulates the ether which surrounds it, in a form of a sphere, surface of which consists of mosaic of small photonic spheres. Etheric wave irradiating the heart cells produces inverted placing of electrons in atoms and molecules of cells to the higher energetic levels. Due to inductive radiation of the cells surface layer, on their surfaces may appear the sound self-focusing wave, which when it reaches the cell centre, will again return to the circumference. Thus, the first layer of the heart cells converts the spherical etheric wave into the spherical ultrasonic one.

Now we will make some brief excursus to have more comprehensive understanding what structure of water is. Molecules of H2O, because of the electrical charge is distributed on its volume nonuniformly, are able to be attracted to one another and establish incoherent swarming form and organized "water crystals". Connection is these associates is called hydrogenous. It is very weak, easy to break, unlike covalent links, for instance, in structure of minerals or any chemical compounds. Free molecules of H2O, not connected into associates are present in water in just a very small amount. The water, mainly is a complex of incoherent swarms and "water crystals", where amount of molecules connected into hydrogen bridges may reach hundreds of units. On the average, according to Japanese scientists' data, water associates represent structures of 10-16 molecules in each one. "Water crystals" may have very different shapes as three-dimentional as well as two-dimensional (in a form of circular structures). The basis of everything is tetrahedron (the simplest pyramid of four angles). It is of this very forms are distributed the positive and negative charges in molecule of water. When grouping, the tetrahedrons of molecules of H2O form different three-dimentional as well as planar structures. And from all the variety of structures in the nature, the basis one is only hexagonal (six-sided) one, when six molecules of water (tetrahedrons) are united into a ring.

Such structure is typical for melt-water and cellular water of all the living creatures. Referring to epic of Dr.Lorenzen and his colleagues, it emerged that in source of Kirumisu as well as in other special sources.