Body of each living being has three basic autonomous mechanisms: self-extracting, self-maintenance and self-destruction. There are also other mechanisms (for example, self-reproduction), but these three are the main. These three mechanisms have program nature.

Far as their nature is similar, one shouldn't expect significant breakthrough in understanding any of them: we've made little progress in understanding second mechanism (and brain processes in particular); what refers to third process - no feasible model has been offered yet. Let's review these three mechanisms in detail.

Self-extracting mechanism

A seed is thrown - huge tree gets grown. Why does it grow? - Due to the abilities of the seed. But in fact this is not the seed that develops itself, but the set of instructions put into it implements itself. The grain is material and the set of instructions is abstract. In other words, the set of instructions is referred to as program.

Throwing seeds to the land, we plant bate intellect. (Though, at that stage it is already not completely bare, but wrapped into substance, grain tissues). "Vegetable" intellect got into substance at the moment of creation of this type/specie of plants, and grain falling represents certain stage of periodically repeated cycle "mother-child". Bare intellect, having got into substance, wraps it, and not by coincidence, but according to the program "self-wrapping".

Developing "software" that would independently wrap itself with "hardware" [2], including microprocessor, is a technical task of particular difficulty.

We percept "alive" not as visible material construction, but as non-material (informational) structure that manages material one. "Alive" is the thing that makes material structure protect its form from chaos and function, not the material structure itself. Material side of alive is nothing but medium of non-material matter realization, its cover.

Wonderful event of embryonic unfolding of new creatures does not surprise after turning into something common. (We may suppose that if babies would be brought by the stark, people would be surprised for a couple of days, and then wouldn't think of it as of something strange). Those who find nothing curious in the process of self-extracting of organism, should be told: "You are welcome to create a screw that, after falling into metal powder, would unwind into machine lathe, or a nut that would unwind into passenger plane (+ pack of nuts)! This would be a revolution in machines building. And this should not be a complex process, as simple mutation is able of it!

Self-maintenance mechanism

The second mechanism is the most known far as it is the subject of efforts on part of doctors and biologists. Nevertheless, what's known exactly? Are we able to replace at least one screw in the complex machine of living body with all our high technologies? And I mean a screw (bone, kidney etc.), and I mean replacing (instead of taking it from one body and implanting to the other [3]) - the only thing we're capable of.

If the body is a machine, then the doctors are fitters and adjusters. Comparing of doctor with fitter is funny to the same extent to which "alive" machines are more complex than iron ones. Doctors are engaged in difficult work trying to repair software controlled unit using non-software means - (same as adjusting operating system of personal computer via power box) - they're almost completely helpless! But everyone expects accurate diagnosis and warranties of high-quality "repairs". It's no surprise that medicine still has two trends - traditional and untraditional.

Everything is blocked at the software level - machine is controlled by a program. It is known where it does operate, but nobody knows its essence and has no idea of how to get a grip of it (meddle in its work), nobody knows the algorithmical language to write missing pieces of code for it.

It is obvious that effective control of internal processes on the system known as body is possible from the inside only - other attempts are dead-ends. In the cockpit of material system sits non-material driver - the program for self-maintenance of body living (subconsciousness level and deeper). System is controlled internally.

How does the body analyze data, how does it control thousands of processes occurring simultaneously and reacts to changing conditions? - These are very difficult questions, as difficult as self-maintenance system is


Self-destruction mechanism

It is worth mentioning that this mechanism is program-controlled, i.e., it operates on the basis of specially developed software. This fact is confirmed by the absence of principal difference between commands "time to born" and "time to die" given to the cells: both commands are sent from control center and both are strictly followed. So, both mechanisms - self-extracting and self-winding-up arte technically similar, being symmetrical one to another. The fact, that self-developing is a program, is out of question. Then, self-winding-up is a program too (far as there is no fundamental difference between two processes). Number of cells growing on injured area of skin is not uncontrolled, but just enough for curing of a defect.

At the same time, many people, in particular, gerontologists [4], think that third mechanism is not a program, but some kind of mistake (by incogitant mother evolution) and incompleteness of evolution process. Such vision could be a confirmation of evolution... but for programming.

With advancing age person become wrinkled, his organism gets weaker, hair is getting gray. This suggests analogy between ageing of the body and depreciation of machine parts. But such analogies are misleading: live tissue does not rust, and for wasted cells there's always a possibility (theoretically) to get a command for replacement with fresh ones. Age transformations of body are determined strictly by program that is hidden somewhere deep inside. This is not a matte of coincidence. There are no prerequisites for wrinkles or gray hairs (save for program). Ageing and death is the same difficult and, probably, necessary program as the program of impregnation and birth - no mistake.

If the information on self-extracting IS NOT laid down to the gene, why then information on self-destruction should be? Nevertheless, gerontologists are certain of the latter - obviously, gerontologists have not advanced further than embryogenetics.

Organism is the information embodied in substance. Principal difference between informational and material matters were described long ago by Plato ("material thing = idea + substance"). This informational matter is the general program (meta-program) of life. Three mechanisms reviewed above are important subprograms of this meta-program; at that, the latter coordinates them (in order to keep winding-up simultaneously with development).

Complexity level of alive system is too high, and there are too many mysterious moments, so it's hard to deny such matters as cell nuclear reactions (after all, this mechanism shouldn't be much more difficult than mechanism of photosynthesis) etc. And if some of processes that have not been thoroughly studied yet are more difficult than photosynthesis, they are by all means not more complex than the most sophisticated matter in living system - programmability of most processes.

Body (living thing) is constantly before us. It is so available and helpless - you just take it and study for 24 hours a day! Nevertheless, coding was so brilliant and all mechanisms are so masterfully encoded so no one can tell a century when there will be a breakthrough in this field of knowledge.

Summarizing this, let's say that everything in living creatures (from development to winding-up) comes to the programs, and the programs cannot be a product of accidental processes, i.e., evolution. Besides, if the evolution was the author of "software" for the living beings, why should it secure its work to the extent so that even powerful contemporary human intellect armed with state-of-the-art equipment and computers still cannot take of the wraps of it?

For us other thing is more important - transfer of information in self-extracting from the matrix to the recipient. The secret of the program essence is currently inconceivable for the mankind.

Fe found the way for transfer of information from the matrix of biological and animal origin with self-extracting program that was patented in Ukraine as:

"Method of organism cells functioning correction and mechanism of its implementation".

In the course of clinical researches the growth of cell telomerase responsible for quantitative method of cells division was confirmed. The bigger is telomerase appendage, the more cell divisions may occur. Averagely, each cell may be divided 200 times, but, due to stresses, environment, irregular nutrition, harmful lifestyle, human body live averagely for 75 years. At that, before 25 years self-extracting program is predominating, from 25 to 50 - program in self-maintenance, and from 50 to 75 - program in self-destruction.

Development of "Method of organism cells functioning correction and mechanism of its implementation" was carried out with participation of specialists of

"Nano Technology Group" (St.Petersburg)
Mr. Zelenkov Sergey Mikhaylovich and academician of Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences,
Doctor of Engineering Science Mr. Eventov Victor Lvovich (Moscow), associate member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
Doctor of Science Mr. Tertyshnyi Georgiy Georgievich who were engaged in studies of wave genetic in the group of P.P. Garyaev,
project supervisor, Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., associated professor Mr. Nedbay V. V.

Package approach is required here. It is necessary, apart from transfer of information from matrix to recipient, to prepare the recipient. Person comes to the session with heavy "luggage" of phantom processes. Organism is polluted with large bowel processing products, toxins. It is required to impact these microwave vibration processes, clear them. Otherwise, relapse is inevitable.

In order to provide full-fledged energy and informational exchange with human organs, package approach is required: saturation of organism with energy, remove scums; perform parasiticide program using biological resonance; organism clearance (lymph drainage + hyperbolic oxygenation of cells); increase of beta-endorphin hormones by 25 times - thermal therapy; taking biologically active additives - fucoidan, polypeptides; resveratrol, biologically active linseed oil, liquorice, lecithin, stevioside, probiotics.
Basic approach: treatment of the patient as whole. Health condition is formed by complex interaction of physical, cogitative, emotional, genetic, mental, external, social and other factors:

а) Body organs: recovery of liver, kidneys, heart muscles, spleen, growing of new tooth at the place of drawn tooth within a year, recovery of hair pigmentation if the hair was gray, curing of chronic diseases. Special attention shall be paid to recipients suffering from pancreatic diabetes - recovery of "в" particles of kidney responsible for carbonic metabolism in the body within 40 days.

b) inflammatory ENT diseases, respiratory apparatus diseases (ARD, frontal sinusitis, genyantritis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, otitis, eustachitis, tracheitis, bronchitis etc. and residual pneumonia, asthma)

c) Innards diseases (gastrointestinal system diseases: gastritis, ulceration, duodenitis, colitis; dyskinesia of any type, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, hepatitis, glomerulonephritis, chronic nephratonia, cholelithiasis and nephrolithiasis, cystitis, adnexitis, endometriosis, prostatitis.

d) Locomotor system diseases (polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatoid and post-injury joint diseases, bursitis, arthragra, anchylosis, radiculitis, myitis neuralgia.

e) Hypertension syndrome and its manifestations.

f) Endocrinological diseases (hyper and hypo functioning of thyroid gland, all types of bronchocele, endocrine glands dysfunctions.

g) Vascular diseases (idiopathic hypertensia, varix dilatation, hemorrhoid etc.).

h) Mycotic lesion of mucous membranes.

i) Allergic diseases.

j) Immunity decrement.

k) Benign new-growth (cystic lesions of innards, fibrous and cystic mastopathy, adenoid tumors, muscular tumors, myomatous nodes.

l) Secondary sexual debility and agenesia, including climacteric dysfunctions and neurosis, recovery of reproductive functions of the body.

m) Full recovery of oncologic patients within 90 days at any stage of disease!

n) Epimorphic regeneration of organs!!!

o) Organism rejuvenescence.

According to statistics, most people die of cardiovascular disease. Second position is occupied by oncologic diseases. Third place goes to apoplectic attacks. Parasitic diseases hold the fourth rank. But if we take a closer look at causal chain of cardiovascular diseases, oncologic diseases and apoplectic attacks, we'll find that they are the final link. But the causal chain starts from harmless and hidden links. The first link is the absence of knowledge and culture. The second link, resulting from the first one - accumulation of substances in the body that attract parasites and depress the immunity. Third link, resulting from the second - hidden development of parasitic diseases. Parasites occupy and colonize the organism. They develop in blood and vessels causing cardiovascular disease. After colonizing body organ poisoned with slags, they form a colony - the newgrowth. By perforating and blocking blood vessels they cause apoplectic attacks. This, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, AIDS, diabetes, sclerosis, apoplectic attacks and other major diseases of the civilization are caused by development of parasites in human body.

The essence of the concept consists in the fact that the most important genetic, and, in many cases, etiological factor of various diseases development is the hidden parasitic infection accompanied with presence of pollutants indicated above - biogenic catalyzers. Many types of parasites were not found in human body before, far as presence of specific biogenic catalyzers in human body - the pollutants - is required.

Development of industry, chemicalization in agriculture, technogenic pollution of environment lead us to living in the world where we are surrounded by pollutants. Environmentalists are not worried because of this far as many of these substances on their own are harmless for humans, or their content in environment does not exceed permissible levels. All technogenic products - prepared foods, water etc. have the traces of manufacturing process (spirits, phenols etc.). These substances in food products in volumes that are lower than permissible, may be stable or instable. For example: automatic dish washing. Residual concentration of toxic substances is significantly lower than permissible level. But pollutants acted as catalyzers for many parasites in metabolic cycle, accelerating their generation. Colorants, preservatives (benzol, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, acetone etc.) startup the process of microinvasion. Tooth paste, makeup also contain pollutants. H.R. Clark has tested numerous products, dental materials, domestic appliances, medicines and found pollutants in them. Germs of parasites are also found everywhere. Foodstuffs manufactured in countries with tropical climate and other regions that are formed aerials of inhabitation for various parasites - grain, frozen meat, shellfish and fish - now are found in any country of the world. It has already been noted that over last decades the volumes of migration of people, domestic animals and microorganisms have changed significantly.

The example of simultaneous detection of phyllode intraintestinal trematode Fasciolopsis buskii and isopropyl alcohol pollutant in the organism of oncologic patients was described above. 50 years ago this trematode was not parasitizing in human organism far as there was no pollutant required for its development, namely - isopropyl alcohol. But now, inside anyone of us - in thymus, in the liver, in the intestinal tract - isopropyl alcohol may be found. It is included to the content of pacing materials for medicines, food products; but the main thing is that it is used for disinfection of glassware before its secondary use. Together with beer, mineral water and pickled cucumbers we consume pollutant molecules that accumulate in thymus and in the liver.

Generally, cancer process cannot be liquidated surgically - this is confirmed by lethal post-surgical relapses; X-ray therapy causes disintegration, but not destruction of cancer cells, and may have cancerigenic effect aggravating the disease; chemotherapy uses immunodepressant and toxic substances, such as azoyprites - potential military chemical agents (first chemotherapy preparations - American embychine anf Soviet novoembychin - were the analogs of military chemical agent yprite. Now mustard gas is being adapted for these purposes).

Oncologists take a liberty of stating that Creator of being made a scrap, and we all are programmed and doomed to cancer, far as normal human cells are turned into the same (!) mutants under the impact of numerous causes. Moreover, in few years these mutants acquire the properties that are normally formed in million years of evolution!

Cancer is the symbiosis of moulds, trichomonads, chlamydiae, viruses etc. In Clark's opinion, digestive trematode that belongs to the class of flat worms is the micro parasite causing cancer. Killing of this parasite immediately stops cancer development. The second component of cancer process, according to Clark, is availability of propylene or benzol containing compounds of heavy metals and other toxins. 100% of patients examined by Dr. Clark had these two components - propylene and trematode. Organism that is free from propylene kills all digestive parasites including cancer activator - trematode.

Notwithstanding the fact that nobody in the world could turn normal cell into cancer cell in laboratory, notwithstanding the fact that none of experimentalist was able to initiate metastatic disease in laboratory experiments (on animals), notwithstanding the fact that reaserches claiming that DNA of cancer is 70% equal to the DNA of protozoans (i.e. - trematode and other micro parasites) were recently published, the genetic theory that was not proved, still dominates in official medicine. Cancer is not human body cells that turned into neoformation - human cells are not able to turn into malignant tumors that are growing without control, and migrate in the organism in form of metastasis, as this contradicts with nature!

Cancer cell is not transformed human cell but by single-cell parasite trichomonad (mouth, digestive of vaginal), as they form tumors and clots; cancer, heart attack, apoplectic attack, diabetes and many other inextirpable diseases are parasitic, as their major activator is trichomonad. And AIDS is extra-parasitic disease as it is activated by two parasites: trichomonad (human parasite) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acting as trichomonad parasite. That is why AIDS is more cacoethic and foudroyant than cancer; human and his blood are not sterile. Using the method of direct immunofluorescence and illuminative microscopic investigation allowed detecting trichomonad in the blood of all examined persons. Many had chlamydiae and streptococcus as well, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, herpes simplex virus, staphylococcus, moulds are found more seldom. Therefore, treatment of oncologic patient does not mean fighting with cancer using sharp scalpel, military chemical agents and X-ray gun. Newgrowth is nothing but one of conspicuities of oncologic process being the result of disease of entire organism. The same may be said about cardio-vascular pathologies that cause thrombosis, vasoconstriction, stable hypertension and occur as the result of multiplication of trichomonads and pathogenic germs being the antagonists of one-cell parasites, and the impact of carcinogens.

As the result of systematic elimination of natural treatment methods and gaining control over health protection industry in many countries, pharmaceuticals industry made millions of people and almost all countries dependant on its investments business...

The paradox of so-called European medicine consists in the fact that qualification of personnel, service quality, extent of knowledge, technical equipment support of doctors and quantity of medicines, skills of the surgeons are improving rapidly, and health of citizens is rapidly worsening.


Future medicine with no pharmacological impact! New medicine is based on energy and informational influence by wave method.
Method efficiency gives 100% warranty of patient curing and organism rejuvenescence.

Three directions were developed:

Wave valeology (treatment)
Wave gerontology (rejuvenescence)
Wave genetics (modified properties of genes).

All three methods are ready for implementation with detailed financing plan.